The East Is To My West

Dear Friends,

I am very bad at getting things done lately. This site was created an entire month ago, and I thought this post would shortly have followed. But as Spock once said to Vader “a wizard is never late, nor is he early. Great Scott!”  ???

Enclosed is the link to the soundcloud post.

Blurb from the recital:

the east is to my west: suite for jazz piano trio and improvising chamber musicians (2015) [world premiere]

  1. Ritual (inspired by Chinese Ya Yue and Japanese Gagaku)
  2. Khaen (inspired by East and Southeast Asian mouth organs, and folk song of Laos)
  3. NW Improv (inspired by Lao Qiang music from the Shaanxi province in NW China)
  4. Prayer (inspired by Buddhist chant and Tuvan throat singing)
  5. Hui Gui (inspired by naamyaam tea house music of Hong Kong and the artist Dou Won)

the first incarnation of the za quartet:

felix allen, drum set and percussion
matthew booth, soprano and baritone saxophones
ford garrard, upright bass
danny jones, violin
emily pate, flute

research for my chamber work, inspired by music of East and Southeast Asia, was funded in part by the Phillips Ambassadors Program of the Carolina Asia Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and [was] presented in partial fulfillment of the program.

Expect at least a couple more clips in the near future. And I mean it. I hope.

Additional huge thanks to Carter Fourqurean, who does lots of cool stuff in Chapelboro/Triangle as well, such as creating the collective Menteur, and binaural recordings. He’s the reason I have a recording to show to you.

Of course, thanks to the Phillips Ambassador Program at UNC Chapel Hill for allowing me to study abroad in the first place and gather research for this project, but additionally I should include a thanks to wxyc 89.3 fm, UNC-CH’s student-run radio station I was active at for some time, for providing the original impetus to engage with global music cultures and also providing access to recordings that were inspirational in this process.

Also thanking my parents for not questioning the fact I haven’t sought out a real on paper full time job or a salary so far after college.

That’s all for now, take care folks. Love is the answer. Stop Buying Stuff!


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