Durham, N.C. based composer and pianist Zach Gossett performs and teaches around the Triangle.

Long inspired by the relationship between motion and music, and the connectivity between different forms of expression—dance, cinema, visual art—his musical vision is inspired by Mingus, Monk, Ellington, avant-garde ensembles, modern classical, and always a healthy dose of blues, groove, and folkloric elements. He has performed in large ensembles, small jazz groups, chamber music groups, duo and trio performances, Afro-Cuban music, experimental rock, pop, and even gamelan. Zach has arranged for the UNC Chapel Hill and North Carolina Central Jazz Ensembles, and has performed originals with his group The Za Um.

Although his approach to music is primarily through the Black American Music idiom, Zach cultivates an interest in collaborative works in contemporary classical or experimental genres.  He earned his Masters in Jazz Composition at NC Central University, receiving instruction from Ira Wiggins, Baron Tymas, Robert Trowers, and Joey Calderazzo.

His composition Prayer For Impassioned Resistance was selected by the UNC 360 Jazz Initiative 2018 Call for Scores. He was selected as a recipient of the 2021 Durham Arts Council Artist Support Grant to help fund his first recording project, to be released in Summer 2021.

Please send any inquiries to

Recordings can be found at my soundcloud.

Thank you.

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